We bring together family, community and environment on historic farmland




Head farmer, Mike Perisho, began growing vegetables on his wife Jess's family land in 2014. These pastures and hay fields had been continuously farmed by the Andrews side of her family since the late 1800s and this 5th generation effort is keeping the land in agriculture while inviting in-laws, siblings and cousins to converge (and labor!) on this special 63-acre property. 



Community-supported agriculture has always been a core value on this farm and we are grateful for the support our community continues to provide. We are privileged be able to market so much of our produce within the Gardiner area, and all product reaches consumers within an hour's drive from the farm. We return this favor by being civically active in our community, offering experiential learning to local students, and maintaining public access to our land for recreation.  


Environmental Stewardship

Clean food comes from a clean environment. Farming on a fertile hilltop, we are less concerned about activities upstream as we are about how our activities affect life downstream. We take this responsibility seriously and work with nature, rather than intervene against it, to ensure that we leave this place better than we found it.